To whom it may concern,

I am the president of Sunrise Electronic Distributing Company, DBA digitalSunrise.  I am writing in behalf of Kelscott Electrical & Doug Hovermale, the owner, whom I have known for over 15 years and have used his company for electrical work for ourselves as well as our other clients.  We often are involved in server room and data center build outs and remodels.  We have no licensed or certified electricians on our staff.

At the end of 2007 a group of the employees at Sunrise, purchased the business from the founders.  We also purchased an empty bank building in Chambersburg where we intended on relocating the business.  The amount of renovations to the building was significant and included extensive electrical work.  We were removing the boiler and replacing it with three new HVAC units.  We were required to bring the service entrance and all of the lighting and outlets up to code for the retail operation, the shop area, and the second floor offices.  In addition, there were the fire / safety and alarm requirements and our own need for extra power for the test and service benches. We also wanted to accomplish this and move in within 3 months of the purchase of the building, to reduce the number of months that we paid for two locations.

I assumed the role as general contractor to coordinate the different trades involved.  Doug and his employees were a pleasure to work with.  The tradesmen were knowledgeable, self motivated, and the project went smoothly.  Doug’s employees worked well with the other tradesmen, coordinated the service entrance changes with the power company, and scheduled their inspections as needed. They upgraded the main panel and added new sub panels per the plans. They took care of all of the removal of old service panels, wiring, lighting, and conduits.  When they were finished, we had a clean organized new electrical installation, properly labeled, and fully functional. I would certainly recommend them to anyone and will use them again when the opportunity arises.


Bill Free

Letter of Recommendation 

Building Management Systems has chosen Kelscott Electrical Company for years as the electrical service company of choice in areas of West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia to service the United States Coast Guard's mission critical Operation Systems Center. Over the years Kelscott Electrical has been involved in electrical upgrades valued in millions of dollars at the property. Their employees and management share an attention to detail that is frequently overlooked during electrical projects, leading to increased costs and future maintenance issues. Kelscott gets it right the first time through careful planning, accurate estimates, and quality workmanship. All of their work is labeled accordingly and installed to measures that often surpass code.

The Kelscott Electrical Company has been responsible for the acquisition and installation of many critical pieces to the electrical system that supports a large data center and supplemental office space. Their experience installing and managing breakers rated 1200 amps and higher; supporting the on-site maintenance and upgrading of uninterruptable power systems (UPS) and power distribution units (PDU); and working alongside major players, such as Emerson Network Services, Caterpillar, Liebert Global, and Onan Cummins to name a few, helps to ensure the constant operation of the property and its integral pieces. Particularly important to note are their successful advancements in the electrical system that powers the data floor and critical operations, and their on-going installation of power generation and backup units that must tie into an existing system that cannot be shut down.

The employees of Kelscott Electrical are very skilled at their trade, are eager to assist in ways beyond their scope of work, and are always on-time and on-site when needed. The owner and operator, Doug Hovermale, is a great asset to the team when developing plans and discussing the pros and cons to any project. It would be very difficult to find an outfit that is more organized and more responsible for their work than Kelscott Electrical.

Best regards,

Adam Miller 
Building Management Systems, Inc.
Vice President | Facility Manager 

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